What are we all about ...

MatriARC PROJECTion LLC provides GIS solutions for southwest communities.

Our mission is to be an integral part of the community, providing opportunities to youth, minority businesses and to leverage MatriARC PROJECTion, LLC to protect the natural environment within the Southwest region. Assisting non-profits, Tribes and other organizations with environmental and social justice work, through location-based data and projects, in order to support management and co-management of ecosystems and land.

As an Indigenous person, I am well versed in Indigenous issues and the needed tools that can help organizations and communities mobilize and thrive. I have the compassion and empathy combined with determination to develop tools and solutions that will help your organization get the information you need to focus your efforts more strategically through location analytics.

About Us

Our Views and Our Values

MatriARC PROJECTion, LLC’s definition of a successful business differs from others out there. Our business model is rooted in a strong sustainable perspective. Instead of solely focusing on economic performance, we value the mixing of economic, social and environmental performance in order to improve financial, social and environmental problems in our community and region. We have a community/mutual aid approach and support nonprofits, Tribes and other organizations with contract mapping services for special projects. We assist start-ups and smaller minority businesses with business location siting, dashboards.

Capability Statement

Meeting Market Needs

Assist customers through data analysis and crowdsourced data to develop of geographic information visual materials, online maps, and dashboards.

Core Beliefs

This business is a growing living entity of the community, providing opportunities to youth and minority businesses in untapped communities in our region. Through the use of technology and integrating a community-based approach, we are provided with an opportunity to advocate and foster social and environmental well-being in our region.


GIS Services

We generate customized GIS solutions using: integrated datasets, sensor inputs, data visualizations, mobile application development, user friendly dashboards and maps.

Data Analysis

Assist clients to capture and analyze data and use their data for planning and informed decision making that impacts their communities.

Map the tangible & intangible

Helping people emerge through their inherent knowledge and empower communities to rebuild and transform through the power of meaningful data and effective tools that advance their mission.